5 Best Android Apps to Block SMS & Text Messages

Mobile phones have revolutionized the communication techniques around the globe. In addition to personal conversations, advertising and marketing over the mobile phones is now a common trend. Also, there are spam messages sent across from unknown numbers which can be really annoying while you are busy or sleeping.Best Android Apps to Block SMS

Almost everyone use smart phones these days and usually block contacts from which they do not wish to receive calls. In a similar manner people want to block text messages which are spam or fill their inbox with advertisements. There are lots of apps available for text blocking to avoid such messages. The 5 best Android Apps are discussed here which can be easily installed on your smart phone from Google Play Store to block SMS and text messages. So here we go –

Clean Inbox – SMS Blocker (Free)

It is a simple and popular app which has all the features to block texts. It will block SMS messages on the basis of contact number, content word or phrases and remove span automatically from your device.  It would create a separate folder to show removed messages which can be moved back to inbox if required. You can even export blocked texts to a file in a notepad format for review.  Although it is a free app but there are other advanced features that can be purchased under premium version. Rating given by users is 4.4.


SMS Blocker Play Store Link

Block Call and Block SMS (Free)

This application provides both the feature of blocking contacts and text messages and assists managing your blacklist. You simply add a number in blacklist and calls from it will be blocked and you are saved from time wasters. You can review the blacklist for messages and call logs so that you do not miss anything important or not spam. It can blacklist SMS based on numbers and content. Content list can be managed for same. Rating given by users is 4.3.

Play Store Link

Text Blocker (Free)

It is a free, simple but effective spam blocker app that automatically starts blocking text messages for you. It has a powerful spam detection filter and smart notifications. You can get your messages back to inbox, if not spam with one touch.  You can maintain a trusted sender list in case you do not want a block on them. It is a lightweight app with satisfactory results. Average rating is 4.1.

Download Text Blocker – Play Store

True Messanger (Free)

It is a text blocking app which identifies the unknown number who has sent you the SMS and if spam, blocks it instantly. It is a application from Truecaller app designers for a smarter communication. It automatically sends spam messages to a separate folder and provides advanced filter options to mark spam the text messages with specific keywords or content. Rating received is 4.3.

True Messenger Play Store Link

VBlocker: Call and SMS Blocker (Free)

It is a user-friendly and simple app to provide a good mobile using experience and help avoid spam calls, advertising and text messages. It has some unique features and attractive interface. It enables users to block international calls by selecting country codes. You can schedule your blocking for some specific time of the day – while in meetings or resting.  You can create whitelist contacts for calling and SMS blocking. Text messages can be blocked using wild cards for content filtering. Rating received from users – 4.4.

VBlocker Play Store Link

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