10 Best Apple TV Apps – Top Free Apple TV Applications

Best Apple TV Apps

Apple TV gets into the fourth generation as along with iPad Pro Apple announced it on 30th October 2015. It has been reported by Jeff Scott on SlideToPlay that there Apple TV App Store has now crossed over 1000 dedicated Apps. Interesting thing is that Cupertino has designed it to show featured apps but no way to browse genre or not even the list of top downloaded or used apps.

Jeff Scott dedicated his time to compile a list of Top Apple TV apps [both free and paid list] and at the time of writing this article, the following were the popular Best free Apple TV apps and also the Best paid Apple TV apps.

Best Apple TV Apps Free

The following are the top free Apple TV Apps which are widely popular –

Best Paid Apple TV Apps

The top 10 paid Apple TV apps at App Store are –

  • Beat Sports (Apple TV Only)
  • SimpleX – for Plex (Apple TV Only)
  • Galaxy on Fire™ – Manticore RISING (Apple TV Only)
  • Lumino City (+ Universal)
  • Alto’s Adventure (+ Universal)
  • Does not Commute TV (Apple TV Only)
  • Battle Supremacy: Evolution (+ Universal)
  • Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved (+ Universal)
  • Shoot The Zombirds (+ Universal)
  • Oceanhorn ™ (+ Universal)
  • CARROT Weather: Talking Forecast Robot (Apple TV Only)
  • Oceanhorn ™ (+ Universal)
  • Shoot The Zombirds (+ Universal)

When you look at the top 10 app trends, media apps are dominating the free apps while gaming is what the paid people are going for on the bigger display.

The list at the source site even goes bigger and bigger. Quite surprising to see people on Apple TV are interested to play games instead of going with PlayStation or PC Console.

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