The 4 Top Best Apps for Freelancers (Novice Users)

Taking the plunge and going it alone as a freelancer is a big step; one that requires bravery, at least a vague plan for the future, and a whole host of unsolicited advice from friends and loved ones.

Best Apps for Freelancers

But freelancing needn’t be the terrifying journey those comfortable in their 9-5s make it out to be. Sure, there’s a lot of form filling, a lot of searching for work, and you may get a little lonely at points. But there’s so much help out there for freelancers, and that flexibility and freedom is something most of us aspire to have.

Whether you’re an avid Android fan or a proud iPhone owner, here are the best apps to help you to start freelancing.

  1. Trello

Staying organized is key as a freelancer, and Trello is the perfect app to help you do that. This free app is available on both iOS and Android and helps people to stay on top of their projects.

Create boards to organize everything you are working on, assign tasks to yourself and others, and attach files. The integrated calendar lets you set due dates and ensure you stay on top of your work.

2. Meetup

One thing that often strikes freelancers is how much they miss the hustle and bustle of office life. While coworking spaces are a great way to meet other remote workers, sometimes these aren’t feasible.

Meetup is available on both iOS and Android and is designed to help you find events full of people that share your interests.

Discover local meetups for all the things you love, enabling you to take a break from work and connect with both your hobbies and new people. Find events for almost every hobby imaginable, perfect if you feel your social life is starting to flag.

3. ZipBooks

ZipBooks is everything you need to stay on top of your finances as a remote worker. ZipBooks is a Quickbooks 2019 alternative that enables you to create invoices on the move, add and edit customers, manage your expenses and create estimates.

It’s everything you need as a freelancer or small business to manage your finances – something many people don’t even consider when venturing into the world of remote work!

4. DeskTime

Ideal for small business owners, DeskTime is a great app for keeping track of both yourself and your employees. It’s available on both iOS and Android and contains a whole host of features to help make your life easier.

DeskTime analyzes productivity and provides a breakdown of hours worked, allowing you to see what others are working on and for how long. It allows you to see which tasks take up the most time, essential if you’re a freelancer trying to figure out your hourly rate.

Finally, DeskTime lets you leave messages for colleagues and will even let you see if any of them are slacking – great if you’re hiring someone else to help you but not quite sure if they’re a good fit!

Navigating the journey of remote working can be tricky, but with so many people doing it now, there is more than enough help available. Ensure your device is up to date, your laptop is in good condition, and you’ve got enough savings to last if the work dries up for a couple of weeks, and you’re in a great position to start freelancing.

Jaren Nichols is Chief Operating Officer at ZipBooks, online accounting software for small businesses. Jaren was previously a Product Manager at Google and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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