Some Popular Designs for Instagram Profiles

Puzzle Design

Instagram recently introduced a Puzzle design feature. In which can upload your image into different parts. Each part will be posted as a separate post but these parts of a picture showing the main photos in the form of puzzles.

Puzzle Design

This design, as the name implies, is a puzzle, that is, the image is divided into several pictures. It is also called Puzzle.

The design of the puzzle is one of the most challenging designs to maintain.

Once you divide the image into several boxes with an application such as Griddy, you must publish each image separately, taking care that the design is maintained and you can recreate the original total image.

For this, you can use Planoly or Later, which allow you to have previews of your publications. The paid version of Planoly offers you the possibility of dividing images into tables.

What you have to be superly pending here, is that each image alone should be able to be a publication itself, with interesting content that your real Instagram followers are interested.

If you upload the images one by one and you do not present interesting content in each, the people who see each image may not be interested in continuing to see.

You can create the expectation in your followers, or make it game type.

If you achieve that each photo is connected with the others, you will have a very interesting effect that your followers will love.

You can do it of two types:

Puzzles of only one, two or three rows

The puzzle of 20 rows. Uff! The most complicated. To make these puzzles so big, you have to create the images in a design editor like Photoshop or GIMP.

You can play with the effect of the lines and the puzzle, as it does here @kinderbuenoit, which creates an interesting effect by playing with the design. The puzzle effect makes a very striking diagonal effect.

Rows, obviously, this work must be designed by a graphic designer, since it requires a lot of expertise in the use of design tools.

The wall of  @juniperoats looks like a design magazine. The secret to this type of wall is to plan the design of 20 rows or more with an image editor and then divide it into squares of rows of three. Notice that the entire wall maintains pastel colors and a range of colors: dark green and brown, sprinkled with blues and light violets. In addition, in some publications, you have several photos or images uploaded, which you can see. Go on your own, it’s spectacular.

The wall of @orhganic stands out for its black and white proposal and especially for its combinations of photo sequences creating impressive visual images. Go through your wall, go down, down and down to see!

The wall of @caseymcperry is very interesting. Not only connects all the photos of the wall, but also, each publication is very interesting, especially the videos that are so creative. Check it, you will love it.

Design of the edges or frame of the photos

There are Instagram accounts that stand out just because of the type of border or frame they use in the images.

If you are going to select a type of border, stay with that style so that your wall shows a consistent visual style.

By adding a frame to each photo, this will make them more separated from each other and give a clean and minimalist appearance to your wall. Each photo will have its own protagonist.

Yes, think about it well because if you start to frame the photos, it is better to be consistent so that your wall has a consistent aesthetic appearance.

With the Whitegram application, you can add borders of any color, including black and white, of course.

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