Doordash tips and tricks

Well, nowadays a lot of students and employees are going in as Door Dash drivers to earn some extra bucks. But it is not that always happens. Though door dash has promised to give you a $5 for each order on an average. That’s not what you get.

Doordash tipsDriving distance, waiting time, traffic are some factors that have caused a trial of income. However, they promises to give you a minimum of $1 dollar for an order. Make brilliant use Door Dash promo codes. You are also allowed to keep the entire tips.

As you are not an employee of Door Dash you will be required to meet all the expenses by yourself. So earning a profit is not an always happening thing.

So I have come up with a few tips or strategies which you can make use of to increase your Door Dash income –

Go for busy times

Making orders as per and during the busy time is really helpful. Dinners and lunch times are the busiest. This is even more prevalent during the weekends as most of us feel lazy to cook by ourselves.

People also hate to travel to restaurants during bad weather conditions such as snow or rain. So make up your mind to travel during those times.

Also during big events and some sporting Sundays, the number of people placing orders is pretty high. So go for those days. It is only during these times that the company offers some pay boosts. Keep yourself aware to avoid missing the opportunities.


These areas are mostly the busiest or places where you might expect some good orders. Anything beyond zone is worth not going. Also, have a goal. For instance, 2 orders in an hour or so. Hotspots are really helpful in acquiring it.


Be aware of the distance as well. This also creates a major impact on your profit or pay. Some orders may take about 30 minutes to be delivered. In that case, it is better than you forgo it. Apart from the distance finding a parking spot is also a difficult task. Be creative and brace yourselves to get involved in some risks.

Know when to decline

Just don’t accept any order without having an idea or plan. Decline orders that are beyond the preferred area. Also, take into account the distance and other factors.

Avoid restaurants that are extremely slow in responding. These restaurants take a lot of time preparing your orders. So avoid it.

Other advice includes

  • Make sure you have the check on traffic.
  • If you can’t find the restaurant call them immediately.
  • Ensure that you read the additional instructions given by the consumer.
  • Keep extra tissues and spoons ready so you can give them when the restaurant forgets or fails to provide one. And making the consumer know what you have done helps in getting some good tips.
  • Go in for larger orders than small ones. Because they increase your chances of getting more tips.
  • Make use of apps like stride. It is useful in keeping track of your expenses. It will also help you in tracking your gas and other expenses.
  • Avoid late night delivery and delivery to unsafe places.

Valued at about 1.3 million dollars DoorDash has been one of the popular company in the field of logistics. Spread across in about 600 cities this has been a major option to see some extra bucks.

A little idea or knowledge about how to handle will drive to earn some extra bucks. Get these tips implemented when involved in Door Dash delivery.