Best Financial Trading Apps of 2021

financial trading apps

Investing is a popular way to earn a relatively passive income. Today, more than ever, the younger generation is beginning to invest, and technology has definitely risen to support their interests.

Whether you’re trading stocks or cryptocurrency, there’s an app for that. Let us help make your research a little easier by listing a little information about some of the best financial trading apps around.


Robinhood is certainly one of the best trading apps out there. The app facilitates users interested in trading cryptocurrencies and traditional investments as well.

If you’re particularly a crypto-trader, Robinhood offers a wide array of options from which to choose for investing. The best thing about the platform is that it is one of the only 100% commission-free apps available.


Webull gives you the ability to trade crypto or traditional on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. The build of the app provides a detailed look at the data you need to make a wise investment and to manage your investments along the way.

Webull recently opened its platform up to partial stock trading as well.  Though the jury is still out on just how wise partial investments really are, Webull does provide the option to jump aboard the trend. Fractional investments are quickly becoming more and more common.


The SoFi app gives users lots of opportunities to work with their money.  You can take out a loan, grow your savings, and trade stocks all from the convenience of this one app. The multifunctional aspect of SoFi is what users seem to find most appealing.

SoFi offers the opportunity to purchase five different cryptocurrencies as well as traditional stock investments.  The platform does charge a markup for the services provided, but the cost may be worth it for the range of functions it can perform.


You’ve probably heard of Etrade, and as it turns out, for good reason. The company has long provided financial services to individuals looking to grow their portfolio, and their services have had plenty of time to be refined.

Etrade provides access to educational resources that can help beginner investors learn how to better navigate their portfolios. The company has three different investing platforms, but all of them are free and have no minimum investment limits.


Finally, Public is also a commission-free investing app. Public is aimed towards the younger generation, and the app integrates the social aspect of social media into the trading experience.

Public also offers fractional investing for those who may not have enough money to purchase whole stocks. Beginner investors may do well to take a moment to consider what the Public platform has to offer.

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