Best Laptops To Buy For Christmas 2023


This is the season for tech deals and laptops in particular are frothing up with delicious, snag-worthy prices. Every year a new selection of laptops makes its way to the market with something extra tantalizing to offer its customers and all the best brands get their game faces on especially during the holiday season.

If you’re in the market to try your luck with one of these amazing machines then we’re here to streamline that process for you. Of course, laptops today have a huge variety of functions that’d require a connection to the internet. Be it simple internet browsing, hardcore gaming, creative graphic designing, or the like. For this, our recommendation for everyone is CenturyLink Internet. Get the best machine for yourself and equip it with blazing-fast speeds from CenturyLink to experience what next-gen truly has in store for you.

14” MacBook Pro (M1)

Apple maintains its dominance in the laptop lineup with its Macbooks still in the lead. The MacBook Pro equipped with the snappy M1 chip is still a strong competitor to its relatively newer competition. Sliding in as a slightly beefier (and better) version of the Macbook Air, this device has its internal gleaming with an advanced cooling system for the eight-core strong CPU that makes sure your tasks are done in a jiffy.

Moreover, this MacBook comes with a whopping 21 hours of battery life that will probably translate into having you go a day or two without worrying about charging. Doesn’t get any better.

16” MacBook Pro

If big screens and maximum performance are something you don’t want to compromise on, then perhaps this device is best for you. Presenting itself as a sibling to the 14-inch aforementioned Macbook Pro, this bad boy is all that and much more. The 16-inch version comes with ten cores all primed to excel. There’s also 16 GB of ram and 512 GB of storage which can of course be souped up later on if you’re in the mood.

Apple has stuffed this machine with so much that running 8K videos is going to be a breeze. In addition, so is editing and all those gnarly, draining tasks. There are four thunderbolt ports, an HDMI port, and an SD card slot in case you need to plug it up with other Apple devices. Make no mistake about it, with the size of this device and all the features that come along with it, this MacBook is aimed at professionals who want nothing but the best.

15.6” Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro

The first of the Windows lineup devices, this year’s Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro is a force to reckon with. Samsung’s laptop may have impressive hardware but what makes it stand out the most is its nod to the ecosystem that Samsung has set up. The Book 2 Pro comes preinstalled with Samsung Dex, which is key to linking up all your devices.

Suppose you had a Samsung phone, tablet, laptop, and earbuds. The tech giant will handle meaning most of your workflows and leisure activity. Thus, with the help of apps, bleeding-edge tech, and good old internet, Samsung ensures you’re all connected across your devices. And the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro leads the charge with its lightweight body and powerful Intel Core i7 inside.

14” Lenovo Yoga 9i 2-in-1

Lenovo has been in the laptop game for a while but they haven’t really had an imposing impression on the market until now. The Yoga is their most premium lineup with the 9i presenting itself as a daunting piece of beautiful tech to lock horns with.

Yoga 9i comes with an amazing keyboard and a quad-core processor that means business. You can also spend an extra bit of cash to get an OLED screen model with one TB of storage and a fresh coat of vegan leather on the top for a premium look.

14” HP Spectre x360

The 2-in-1 to beat! 2022’s model of the HP Spectre is a gorgeous device that has nearly everything going for it. This machine has been designed keeping businesses in mind. Particularly those that would be using many Microsoft-based applications like Word and excel. The screen, much like the 2021 model, retains its 3:2 ratio display, giving users a little bit more real estate when doing tasks such as typing or viewing documents.

The 3:2 display is almost the same as an A4 size sheet of paper, except that it’s digital. Additionally, this machine comes with a stylus that performs well for all sorts of note-taking and a touch screen that can scale up to 120 Hz for extra cheese. If you’re willing to spend a couple hundred more dollars, HP offers a delicious OLED screen option too.

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And that’s a wrap! If you’re happy with our selection of laptops that’ll be going on sale this Christmas season, then go ahead and check them out on Amazon or Best Buy. Companies typically slash prices a couple of hundred dollars and ‘tis the season to get smart and feast on your rewards.