As scheduled, Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus has now reached a millions of people in the world. Doesn't matter whatever color you have opted, I wanna congratulate on your purchase. Some of the techies have already done the unboxing of it, infact Adrienna was one lucky person who got the iPhone 6S Rose Gold on September 22 itself and she went crazy on Twitter with dozens of iPhone 6S photos. For those who haven't purchased this wonderful smartphone by Apple with the new 3D Touch technology, we have come up with this article highlighting some of the best iPhone 6S unboxing videos to impress you.iPhone 6S Unboxing videos

Not all, here are the best ones -

MKBHD iPhone 6S Unboxing, First Look

Who doesn't know Marques Brownlee when it comes to smartphone reviews. Exactly on September 23 he went ahead and released this video on YouTube -

Mashable iPhone 6S Unboxing Video

Next we have Lance Ulanoff, Chief Correspondent at Mashable doing the iPhone 6S unboxing

The Craziest iPhone 6S Unboxing

Unbox Therapy went ahead and did the unboxing of every single iPhone 6S and 6S Plus variants available. So basically it's a comparison video. Have a look -

iPhone 6S Unboxing at IGN

Here it goes -