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There are so many kinds of phones that are available in the market and of late with the coming in of smart phones; there are so many options that are being available. There are endless possibilities and there are so many things that we can do with our phones and moreover with the advent of the concept of being able to download various things on our phone it has become very easy for people to download things they love and need. And since then people have wanted to have more and more things on their phones. It’s like they carry their world with them. They all want all the features in their phones and they want it to fetch good results Pedometer App Firefox Phones

Best Pedometer App on Firefox OS

Initially phones were only used to call people, then people started texting and slowly people even had internet on their phones and that was like the ultimatum. Everything could be done on the phones now. Besides when android and Apple had their own systems this gave people a way to download the apps that they liked whether it was a messaging app or a torch or simple a pedometer, one could now download anything and everything related to games or utility or entertainment.

Off late that more and more people on their phones is the pedometer, even if they have a Firefox phone. Now there are other people too who don’t even know what exactly is a pedometer and on the other hand there are people who want apps related to it on their phones. So pedometer and its app is one of the things that one currently wants. A pedometer happens to be a device that is portable and is usually electro mechanically and is used to calculate the number of steps that a person takes after attaching it around the hips. It detects the motion of the hip of the person and tells the person the number of steps he or she has taken. It throws a light on informal calibration and in a way people can know how much of walking they have done and how much they need to increase in order to get a healthy lifestyle and feel good about it.

The following are the best Pedometer apps that is most probably available for the Firefox phones are the ones available online and are named as Pedometer plus and Pedo Meter which is expected to live up to peoples expectation.


Pedometer + counts the steps when you are walking, so clearly measuring the distance traveled by you. It also shows the energy burnt in calories based on the adaptive thresholding of accelerometer data.

Download PedoMeter+ for Firefox Phones

Pedo Meter

Another Pedometer app for Firefox Phones/tablet but not that precise as that of above one. It also counts the steps that you have walked.

Download Pedo Meter for Firefox Phones


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