Best Programmatic Advertising Tools to Use in Digital Marketing

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Programmatic advertising is an emerging technology in the world of digital marketing with very promising benefits and potentials.

With programmatic advertising, marketers use automated tools to simplify media inventory purchasing. Programmatic enables you to advertise your brand or product to your target audience but with a more specific targeting. It uses a wide resource of data, such as demographic and geographic attributes, and user interests, for more insightful audience segmentation.

What are programmatic advertising tools?

Basically, programmatic advertising tools are software programs that automate the entire media buying process through a real-time bidding system. These tools assist marketers and brands right at the start of the process: from planning to searching media inventory to buying and placement, and down to optimization. These tools work more like paid search that gives you a freehand on the ads you’ll display, such as what days to post and how many ads to serve. Programmatic also enables advertisers to customize their creatives and message to suit the audience to whom the ads are being shown.

With the right ads shown at the right place at the right time, marketers can expect a more cost-effective marketing campaign and a better return on investment.

Programmatic advertising leverages on the wide availability of data in optimizing your digital marketing campaigns. It focuses your advertising efforts to a high-value audience. Let’s take a look at some powerful programmatic advertising tools that can help optimize your advertising campaigns.


AdRoll is a programmatic advertising tool that uses the unique BidIQ technology that helps boost its prospecting and retargeting capability. This widely used and highly popular platform focuses more on social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook.

Adobe Marketing Cloud

Programmatic Advertising is just one of the digital marketing solutions under Adobe Marketing Cloud. This tool enables you to automate ad buying based on your target audience’s demands.

Adobe Marketing Cloud offers a simplification of your ad placement, adding value to your customers, and tracking your marketing efforts and budget. With its full range of digital marketing solution, the Adobe Marketing Cloud Suite could be all that you need.


Kedet is a programmatic advertising tool from War Room Inc. that consolidates the latest digital marketing technologies. It uses a wide range of data, such as ISP, first and third-party data, context, behavior, device, and keywords, for better targeting.

Since it uses broader data resources, advertising efforts done with Kedet have better results and are more cost-efficient. Kedet promises to deliver a unique, deeper insight on your digital ads inventory.


DoubleClick is a popular tool from Google. This tool offers rich insights about different channels and can help buyers in making the right media buys in real time.

Publishers can also find this tool extremely useful as it provides a comprehensive view about how inventory is doing.

Rubicon Project

Established in 2007, the Rubicon Project introduced a new advertising platform that streamlines the traditional RFP process and automates the negotiations.

A lot of brands continue to use Rubicon to reach their intended audience around the world and boost their brand presence.


Centro DSP is a platform that advertisers can use to simplify their advertising in different channels. Its flexible interface is perfect for brands that want to focus on mobile but still want to reach audiences in other channels.

As such, it enables you to reach is wide audience base across all their channels while ensuring transparency, and better targeting and optimization.

Final Thoughts

With the rapidly changing digital marketing landscape, brands, advertisers and marketers need to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, strategies, and technologies. Without a doubt, programmatic advertising will dominate this field in the near term.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with the basic information you’ll need in your search for the right programmatic advertising tool.

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