12 Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Features Which Makes it Better than iPhone 6S

List of 12 Best Samsung Galaxy S7 features which makes it better than iPhone 6S and takes pride as Android competitor to Apple.

Samsung Galaxy S7 was launched at the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona. There is no doubt that it is the best Smartphone from Samsung so far. It has got many advanced features which are very awesome and also provide you comfort. You can also say that it is better than iPhone 6S. There are many features on Samsung Galaxy S7 which are not found on iPhone 6S.Samsung Galaxy S7 & Samsung S7 Edge

Best Galaxy S7 Features

So, in this article we will discuss about some best features of Samsung Galaxy S7 which makes it better than iPhone 6S.

#1 High Resolution AMOLED Display

Talking about the display quality on Galaxy S7, it has got better 2560 x 1440 pixel AMOLED display. This feature cannot be found in iPhone 6, iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus which makes it a step higher than these iOS devices. For your info, iPhone 6S is with 1334 x 740 pixels resolution.

#2 Pixel Density

While Galaxy S7 is with 577 PPI pixel density, the iPhone 6S here has 326 PPI only.


#3 Bigger Display in Less Size

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 beats iPhone 6S yet again, this time in terms of screen to body ratio – iPhone 6S is with 65.6% screen to body ratio while Galaxy S7 is designed elegantly to get 72.1%, an industry breakthrough. So, what does that mean? It means that even SGS7 is with 5.1 inch display, the design is so well done that maximum display is covered on its body. Comparatively with any 5 inch phablet, it will look like a normal 4.7 inch sized phone.

#4 Double RAM

RAM just got doubled from 2 GB in iPhone 6s to 4 GB in new Samsung Galaxy S7. But we need to wait and watch if it can provide some better performance than those devices which were released earlier.

#5 Dust and Water-Resistance

Both iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy S7 are said to be dust and water-resistant which means you can stay underwater for 30 minutes. But there is still a difference because the Samsung Galaxy S7 has got IP68 certification, which proves it is water and dust-resistant. But when it comes to iPhone they do not have the certification to prove it.

#6 More Pixels

The Samsung Galaxy S7 camera has got 30% more pixels than Apple devices. Apple has 1.2 microns and Samsung has got space for 1.4 micron pixels.

#7 Duel-pixel Tech

Samsung just got their hands on Canon’s duel-pixel technology for their new Galaxy S7 range. This feature allows you to use all the pixels to capture and focus light.

#8 Memory Expansion

You can now expand your memory with the external MicroSD card slot provided on Galaxy S7. This feature was missing from the Galaxy device for a long time but now Samsung has reintroduced the Galaxy MicroSD slot S7. You can extend it up to 200 GB via a dedicated micro SD card slot on a Single SIM handset and on dual SIM, they have a hybrid slot. So bring on your full HD, Quad HD videos or even 4K videos, and Galaxy S7 will store them all.


#9 Better Camera Aperture

The Camera aperture for the iPhone 6 is f/2.2 whereas the Samsung Galaxy S7 has got f/1.7 aperture which allows the device to capture some good images even in low light.

#10 Faster Autofocus

This feature is important when capturing quick photos. The Samsung Galaxy S7 has got a better Auto-Focus feature than iPhone 6/6S, especially in low-light conditions.

#11 Higher Battery Performance

Battery backup of Samsung Galaxy is way better than iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S Plus. The Samsung Galaxy S7 has got 3000 mAh whereas Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has got 3600 mAh battery. When it comes to the iPhone 6 it has 1715 mAh and the iPhone 6S Plus has 2750 mAh.

#12 Cooling Water

Compared to the Samsung Galaxy S6, CPU performance is up to 30% faster and 3D graphics performance is up to 64% faster. Samsung Galaxy S7 devices use new cooling pilot cooling water technology which can be found on desktops and other devices. This feature is totally lacking in the iPhone.

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#13 Fast Charging [Wired]

Samsung Galaxy S7 devices have fast battery charging features which can be activated and deactivated depending on your preferences. With this feature, you can charge about 60% of your battery in 30 minutes. This feature is not available in the iPhone 6S.

#14 Quick Charge [Wireless]

You can quickly charge your Samsung Galaxy S7 using a wireless charger. iPhone 6S does not have this facility.

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So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and order Galaxy S7 without any second thought.

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