Best Software for Your Marketing Company

If you run a marketing company, you likely know just how much there is to do on a daily basis.  From responding to clients to managing staff, dealing with payroll, and taking an interest in the creative side of things, it’s impossible to do everything manually.  This is where software can help. Not only can a good selection of software help to make your life easier, it can also cut down on the number of menial tasks your staff needs to complete.  Below is a guide that should help you pick the best software for your needs.

1. Consider Your Employees

The first thing you need to consider is your employees. What kind of software will make their lives easier, and what type of software do they need? For example, a company with five employees will need a different kind of software to one with 500. Likewise, a company that spends a lot of time out in the field may want to look for a cloud solution that an in-house company may be able to do without. Marketing asset management software is a good choice for companies of all sizes who want to improve employee workflows, while most companies will also need some form of HR software. If in doubt, ask your employees what they think and take their opinions on board.

2. Consider Your Customers and Clients

While your customers and clients are unlikely to interact with your business software directly, you still need to consider their needs.  First of all, think about how the software you currently have benefits to your clients and whether it is possible to scale it up as your company grows.

Next, consider whether your clients have a dashboard that they can log into; perhaps to see how their search rankings are improving or to see what steps you are currently taking on their campaigns. If you don’t have one of these, could it prove useful and save your employees time?

Finally, consider whether your clients need a lot of individual attention or whether you could use software to provide the assistance they require. All of these factors will influence the software your company needs.

3. Consider Your Business

Finally, you also need to think about yourself and your business. What can you afford to pay out for, and which types of software do you think are most needed? Does the software you need require training in order to implement or would you be better off opting for a program that is easy to grasp?

Do you want to purchase a software that has features you currently don’t need or would you prefer to get one that is suitable for where your company is at the moment? While your customers and employees are definitely important, there’s no point bankrupting the business just to keep them happy. You need to achieve balance.

Did this advice help you to settle on the best software for your marketing company? Let us know in the comments.