Achieve a Memorable Screen Experience with the Best Tablet for DGI Spark & Cheap Drawing Tablet

DGI Spark

For all those wondering, DJI spark is a spectacular drone that can easily capture high definition videos and photos. It is better to view the images by this drone on a screen larger than your phone because it makes the experience better and worth it. With the help of a tablet, you can easily maneuver and navigate the drone with a better viewpoint than on a smartphone. To know more, read ahead.

What to consider before buying the tablet that is best suited for DJI drones?

Size: one of the main reasons why you are buying a tablet is to view the images and videos on a larger screen than your smartphone. It is important for the tablet to have a large enough screen to accommodate all your needs. A larger screen promises clearer images and better control of the navigation process. Don’t get a very large tablet because it cannot be carried around everywhere. 8 to 10 inches of the screen works perfectly for the screen size as it won’t dominate over you and won’t be a strain on your eyes.

Battery life: this is another factor to be taken into consideration before you buy the tablet. The tablet should not run out of battery while you are using the drone. This will ruin the whole experience. Moreover, sometimes you have to carry the drone out to different places. In case of low battery, you won’t be able to fully capture whatever you wanted to in the first place. It is suggested to look for a tablet that has an average working time of 9 hours after every full charge.

Resolution and display technology: the higher the resolution, the better will be your imaging resolution. Tablet size can have HD resolution that ends up providing a decent accuracy with very few pixels. Nowadays a lot of tablets have HD resolutions, so there is nothing much to worry about. There are two display types to choose from: IPS or AMOLED.

IPS is in place switching display that provides the highest quality colors and a wider range of angles. It also provides excellent brightness acting as a plus point. AMOLED is an active-matrix organic light-emitting diode that is known for energy conservation and for providing the highest contrast also provides a high brighten option during outside light.

Memory and storage: a seamless performance can only be guaranteed by more than 2 GBs. This is especially for the DJI and DJI go app. When it comes to storage, you will need a much larger capacity. If you will be recording 4k resolutions 16 GB will run out in a matter of few seconds. To record a significant length of the video, you need at least 32 GB of storage capacity. In the case of apple, you might need to buy the unlimited cloud storage that they provide and in terms of Android, you only need to make sure that the device supports that much capacity. You can later upgrade it with a micro SD card.

In today’s world, artists don’t need an actual pain brush and canvas to showcase their artistic skills. The digital drawing tablet gives them a freeing experience for art that is worth the money. These drawing tablets have become very common and are becoming expensive with every passing day. However, it should be remembered that these tablets work just as fine at a cheaper rate as well.

Display versus non-display tablets:

Display tablets have a built-in display. They are easy to use, especially for beginners as you don’t have to look back and forth between a tablet screen and the computer. It feels as though you are using paper and a pencil. They are also a go-to if you want to make something look more professional because you can continually monitor your progress. The only problem is their price as they are expensive to buy.

A non-display tablet has to be attached to a computer through a USB cable. This way you draw on the tablet’s screen and the lines appear on the computer’s screen. It is usually challenging as you have to constantly monitor your progress while working. They are usually compact and hard to carry around because you need a large computer screen. They are generally cheaper and more affordable.

What to consider before buying:

Stylus type: there are three stylus types available:

  • Battery-powered styluses: they are usually thicker to accommodate the battery making them too big for small hands. You always need extra batteries at hand in case the stylus dies.
  • Rechargeable styluses: it needs to be charged like phones and laptops. They are slim and fit your hand perfectly. In case the pen dies, you can reuse it by connection to a power source.
  • EMR styluses: these have electromagnetic frequencies that transmit power from the pen to the tablet directly.

Responsiveness: This is the speed at which everything that you are drawing comes onto the screen. This is also determined by the software you own and the type of stylus that you have.

Battery: a portable tablet should have a long-lasting battery life span of at least 3 hours. The battery life depends on several factors e.g. the battery age, the brightness of the tablet, etc.

Advanced features: these include a multi-touch feature, scrolling, zooming, increased sensitivity, a sensor for stylus angle, and several drawing options.

In conclusion, these both products will help you achieve the best screen productivity and are a must buy. For more information, visit

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