5 Best Websites to Buy EyeGlasses online in Canada 2024

Wherever you will go, whether in the mountains, at the seaside or in the city, you will need sunglasses to protect your eyes. And for some, they have become a fashion. On the other side, the world has changed so much thanks to the technology that things are made available at your fingertips. From groceries to home needs, and from personal care to software, everything is available online through eCommerce websites.

The digital revolution hasn’t even left eye-glasses and sun-glasses as they are readily available online. Since these prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses online is a new thing, e-commerce sites are offering them a lot cheaper price, which means there is surely a saving for you here.

Websites to Buy EyeGlasses online

Whether you are looking for designer eyeglasses or normal sunglassses, the following sites will help you to get one such for your needs –


You can buy your sunglasses from SmartBuyGlasses, Canada’s most trusted online eyewear retailer, and with one of the largest selections of styles, you are sure to find your perfect pair of sunnies. SmartBuyGlasses has also a 3D Try-on Software, you can try on the glasses you like before the order and see how they look like on your face.

SmartBuyGlasses offer you 24-months warranty, FREE shipping and they guarantee you the best price in the market.

Warby Parker

Last but not least, the Warby Parker is one of the well-known seller of online glasses. They include an option to select five frames to try on at home – for free. This feature is so call “Home Try-on” by them.

So this makes your choice easier. Just simply browse their websites, select the frames on the website by color, fit, shape and type of material and try them personally at home. Keep the one which you like and they are happy to take back the remaining ones.


If you are talking about websites in Canada, then Clearly.ca is one service that you should consider to have a look. They have got a “clearance” page where they clear out their old stock so that you can get designer eyeglasses at a cheaper price. They have a 14-day return policy too.

Ray Ban

Ray-Ban, a popular luxury sunglasses and eyeglasses brand has been in operation since 1936. They sell all kinds of glasses on their website through exclusive eCommerce websites setup for various countries like USA, Canada, India, Australia, Italy, Spain, UAE, Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, and other popular locations across the world.


If you are looking for budget prescription eyeglasses, then you should definitely once check out the Zenni website. Their site is https://www.zennioptical.com and the price starts from $6.95 for single vision prescription glasses.

It’s one of the trustworthy sites running since 2003 and they claim that they have over 4,000 frame styles. It’s followed by 1.2 million users in the USA (according to their Facebook Fan page).

Although this is our list of best websites to buy EyeGlasses online in Canada curtailed to 5, here are the other sites which you should consider –

  • https://www.ilookglasses.ca
  • https://www.lenscrafters.ca
  • https://www.bonlook.com
  • https://www.optically.ca
  • https://www.specsfair.ca/
  • https://ca.eyebuydirect.com/
  • https://opto.ca/health-library/buying-glasses-online

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So those were some of the top 5 sites to consider when you are shopping for eyeglasses or sunglasses online.

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