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Download Openwapp, the Best WhatsApp Alternative for Firefox OS Phones/tablets.

Whenever we come across something new and something that finds our interest to be their main aim we land up using that thing more than ever. That is the same things when it comes to a software one any app, when we find something new, we use it, and we keep on using it to the point where we need to find an alternative no matter which app is it or no matter how much we need it.

For example no matter which phone you are using right now, if it is a Smartphone, and if you have internet on it, you are bound to have Whatsapp, as the best messaging app that you could find online and the one which has got the kind of popularity that it has.

What people have come across now in the market of late is something called OpenWapp which allows you to send messages the way you want it. Most importantly what is being heard these days is that it is actually a good alternative. It is an open source IM app that let you use it the way you want it to be available to you. It can be used to chat with anyone who is there on your Whatsapp list.

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Some of the features that this has been made as native, easy interface, duplex contact integrations, go groups which lets you do anything group wise, media sharing and of course awesome privacy where it lets you be invisible and still receive messages. Hence it is the best alternative.

Download OpenWapp for Firefox Phones

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