Not too long ago BlackBerry introduced their current flagship model named Z10 smartphone. Yes, we hear news from the house of BlackBerry that they have started rolling out the OS 10 version firmware update. Based on the version number, this update is right now available via Over the Air update. This update brings a number of software improvements and enhancements which includes better performance and stability. Along with that it also provides optimizations for better battery life of BlackBerry Z10 phones.BlackBerry Z10 OS update

This update will soon be available on the other high-end BlackBerry phones.

Improvements & Enhancements Included

The following is the list of improvements & enhancements included in this update –

  • Improved Google Calendar support
  • Third Party apps now provides smoother experience
  • You can now have a control on how calls are handled, logged in BlackBerry hub
  • Importing Contacts from online sources gets better
  • Camera will take better photos in comparison with stock version in low light conditions
  • Improved browser capabilities to provide better experience while watching videos on browser
  • Much attention is paid to battery life optimizations providing 60 battery saving improvements
  • Improved stability, user interface and performance

If you still find your BlackBerry phones running out of battery, consider some general optimizations tips. The update file size is of total 150 Mb and it’s available via over the air download. So you need to connect your phone to WiFi or make use of data charges on your phone. Head to Settings > Software Update > Check for Updates.

About the availability of this update, it’s been right now available in Canada and slowly it will be rolled out to America, followed with Europe and then in Australian, Asian countries. As of now in Canada, Rogers users have got this update available from February 28, 2013. Additional charges may be applied if you update it via Over the Air depending upon plan that you have chosen.