Blu Marshmallow Update: Here we have the list of Blu Marshmallow update qualifying devices for the official Android 6.0 update.

Few year back probably a little percentage of people knew of Blu phones but not anymore as the company has come up with latest unlock phones and tablets, hitting the headlines regularly. Ever since the debut of Android 5.0 Lollipop, Blu has announced a good number of Lollipop phones, now Blu has the formidable task of bringing recently announced Android Marshmallow update to those devices. For Your Information, Android 6.0 Marshmallow is the latest version of Android announced in August 2015 and it includes a host of new features, some top 10 features are listed here[Highlighting features of Marshmallow 6.0 version].Blu Marshmallow Update

BLU during the Life One (2015) announcement said that they will come up with Lollipop update to the device but there no update whatsoever. Also check out Blu Android Nougat update schedule.

Here is the tabular list of Blu Android Marshmallow update devices –

Phone Model

Update Expect Release Dates
Blu Life X8  Unconfirmed N/A
Blu Studio 7.0 II  Unconfirmed N/A
Blu Studio C Super Camera  Unconfirmed N/A
Blu Vivo Selfie  Unconfirmed N/A
Blu Energy X Plus  Unconfirmed  N/A
Blu Studio C 5 + 5 LTE  Unconfirmed  N/A
Blu Studio C5 + 5  Unconfirmed  N/A
Blu Life 8 XL  Unconfirmed  N/A
Blu Studio 5.5C  Unconfirmed  N/A
Blu Studio C  Unconfirmed  N/A
Blu Advance 4.0L No N/A
Blu Studio Energy Unconfirmed  N/A
Blu Studio G Unconfirmed  N/A
Blu Studio X Plus Unconfirmed  N/A
Blu Studio 6.0 LTE Unconfirmed  N/A
Blu Studio 5.0 HD LTE Unconfirmed  N/A
Blu Studio Mini LTE Unconfirmed  N/A
Blu Studio 7.0 Unconfirmed  N/A
Blu Vivo Air  Unconfirmed  N/A
Blu TouchBook G7 Unconfirmed  N/A
Blu Life One XL  Unconfirmed  N/A
Blu Life One(2015)  Unconfirmed  N/A
Blu Selfie No  N/A
Blu Life View Tab No N/A
Blu Life Play S No N/A
Blu Life Play X No N/A
Blu Life One X No N/A
Blu Life One M No N/A
Blu Life Pure No N/A
Blu Life Pro No
Blu Life Play No
Blu Life View No
Blu Life One No
Blu Life Studio 5.0 II No
Blu Life Advance 4.0 No
Blu Studio 5.0 No
Blu Studio 5.0 S No
Blu Studio 5.3 S No
Blu Vivo 4.3 No
Blu Dash Music 4.0 No
  • Confirmed – Confirmed by company to receive the update
  • UnConfirmed – Not official news from the company
  • No – Means Update will not be available
  • N/A – Not Applicable

One thing is clear that all the 2014 and earlier launched Blu Products will not see through Android 6.0 Marshmallow update.

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Which of these Blu phones do you own? Is your phone eligible for the latest Marshmallow update?