How to Fix BLU Phone Bluetooth Problem – Connection, Pairing

In this guide check out how to fix the BLU Phone Bluetooth problem.

Aren’t you able to connect your Bluetooth device to BLU Phone? Is there any error that you can’t understand? It can be one of the following –

  • Connection Error
  • Pairing Error
  • Setup Error

BLU Phone Bluetooth Problem

In order to resolve the Bluetooth problem on the BLU phone, you will have to deal with it by yourself.

We have come up with a 14 process check.

Make sure that you go through this process one by one –

  1. Make sure that Bluetooth is turned On
  2. Make sure Device Discovery is turned on
  3. Determine which pairing process your device employs
  4. Make sure that two devices are in close proximity to one another
  5. Power the devices off and back on
  6. Remove old Bluetooth connections
  7. Charge up both the devices that you are pairing
  8. Delete a device from the phone and pair it again
  9. Get away from the Wi-Fi router
  10. Move away from USB 3.0 port
  11. Download the drivers
  12. Update the hardware’s firmware
  13. Limit data shared between devices
  14. Clear the Bluetooth Cache by going through Settings > System > Advanced > Reset Options > Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile & Bluetooth.

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So those were the steps to fix BLU Phone Bluetooth Problem.

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