How to Boot Samsung Galaxy Phones into Recovery Mode

How to Boot Samsung Galaxy Phones into Recovery Mode

The following guide explains on how to boot Samsung Galaxy phones into Recovery mode easily.

Since those early Android versions, Google has included built-in recovery mode which is unhampered and light-weighted. This bootable partition is included on all Android-powered smartphones and tablets, separate from the original operating system. It’s kind of a maintenance mode on your device. Samsung Galaxy smartphones are no exception and additional these Android-powered Samsung devices comes with ‘Download Mode‘, a dedicated mode to perform several tasks, requiring PC connectivity[must].

Samsung Galaxy Phones into Recovery Mode

Recovery mode on Android devices is also referred to as stock recovery.

Just follow the process mentioned below to get into recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy Phones –

  • First ensure that your smartphone is completely turned OFF. If you are unsure of how to do it, please Long press on the Power button and you will see the following options available.
  • Click on Power Off.
  • For your information – You should press and hold the combination of Power Button, Home button and Volume Up button together for a few seconds.
  • Ofcourse, you can’t do it with a single hand, so use your other hand to achieve this.
  • Successful boot into recovery mode is done when you see the Samsung logo and then followed with Recovery mode menu.

To make things easier for you, we have done a video showing it how it can be achieved. Check it out here –

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So that was the guide to boot Samsung Galaxy Phones into Recovery Mode.

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