11 Reasons to buy New Nokia 3310 Phone without a Second Thought

Buy New Nokia 3310: HMD Global has done the unthinkable. They have given Nokia a new life. After Nokia 6, Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 smartphones, they have brought back the all-new Nokia 3310 featured phone. This classic feature phone from Nokia has been rebooted by HMD Global and hit the headlines at Mobile World Congress [MWC 2017]. Here are the 10 reasons why you should buy new Nokia 3310 phone

New Nokia 3310

Design to Make Sense

Nokia has kept the New Nokia 3310 with the same design and form factor of its old model. With a weight of 77 grams, it feels like nothing in your pocket.

From B/W to Color Display

Upgraded Nokia 3310 comes with 2.4 inch TFT display. Definitely, a major upgrade because the old model was with monochrome graphic black and white display.

Big on Battery Life

One of the main highlights of the new Nokia 3310 is its big battery life. It now has 1200 mAh battery which provides you with 22 hours of talk time or 30 days of standby time.

Flashy Snake Game

The snake game is back yet again. The new phone has flash a version of the game and still keeps the same gameplay.

Big on Internal Storage and also gets micro SD Card slot

Unlike its predecessor, the new Nokia featured phone comes with an expandable storage of up to 32 GB. Micro SD card might not be required because the device includes 16GB internal storage built-in and none of the storage is used by system resources. That means that you can now load your own music and videos into the device and enjoy media.

A decent Camera

The 2 megapixels snapper on the rear side of the device takes decent photos. We haven’t got the device yet but Nokia’s 2 megapixel matches any smartphone 5 megapixel easily.

New Nokia 3310 camera photos can match all those phones priced under $100.

The Design

With smooth round corners and the compact size of the phone, it makes it perfect to hold and operate.

Cheapness at its Best

Quite surprisingly it’s arriving at just €49 [New Nokia 3310 price in India – Rs 3500]. It stands out from the other phones in the market as an in imperfect phone but still many of them would love to own it.


Now you can easily transfer files between your phone to other devices through Bluetooth version 3.0.

Fact – One of the Most Selling Phone Ever

Be proud to hold the 12th most selling phone in the world.

Old-School Web Browsing Experience

Do you want to you back in your school days? No, you don’t need time-machine as old-school Internet browsing experience is back.

Although you can’t get browsing experience like the smartphones still you got to give it new Nokia 3310 because it now has upgraded 2.5G network which is super slow. The only way you can scroll through is the directional pad.

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Although new Nokia 3310 can’t replace your smartphone, it can be a perfect secondary device to own.

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