Call Tracking and How It Can Help Your ROI Long Term

Call Tracking

Call Tracking can help your ROI in a Long Term. Here is how it can.

Does everyone know what call tracking is? If you don’t know then let me describe it: the process of recording information as well the call conversation for future reference is called as call tracking and this is done through software specially designed for it. Call recording is a part of call tracking.

Improving your investment returns requires you to look for better ways to approach the way you work and the way you interact with your customers, especially when you know that the actual sales you make are also influenced by the progress of your business. You can start by looking into the performance of your marketing strategies, and one way of doing this is tracking your calls. Call tracking can help you assess how calls influence your returns.

Why is call tracking important? It might help to actually look into some statistics about calls and why managing them matters. For instance, did you know that a sales representative actually leaves 25 hours’ worth of voicemail every month to prospects, and only 2% of cold calls actually become appointments? Sales reps need to make around five follow-up calls to make a sale. You can just imagine the amount of energy and time spent just to have that conversation with a customer for a potential sale.

That is why it is a good idea to focus on this area to optimize your sales operation every time your salespeople make a contact with a customer. And this is where analytics software comes in – to actually have the means to record calls and even gather data needed to examine your sales process properly and without hassle.

Call Tracking: Using it for Your ROI Needs

Call tracking isn’t just about “tracking calls.” Companies such as Fone Dynamics can offer so much more as they will provide call tracking software that is suitable for your company’s needs. If you want to improve your ROI, call tracking can help you do that.

Here are some of the advantages and benefits that call tracking offers:

  • Get valuable information other Analytics Software can’t provide: It’s important to remember that call tracking does its magic through the simple process of tracking calls. In fact, one core aspect of call tracking is to link your marketing channels with unique phone numbers that can be tapped whenever clients call your business. As usual, when your clients call using the numbers from your ads, they are directed to a particular staffer to answer the call, and call tracking will then be used to gather data in the process. With call tracking, you can get valuable information, such as demographics, product preferences, marketing channel preferences, or even the kind of people they are based on the recorded calls. You can use these data to improve your processes and put you at an advantage versus your peers.
  • Measure the efficiency of your online operations: Call tracking makes use of unique phone numbers to each of your marketing campaigns. With these numbers, you can find out exactly which landing pages and advertisements are generating calls to your business. Knowing this data allows you to see which channels need improvement, adjustments, or elimination. In addition, knowing what happens during calls allows you to assess the overall efficiency of your operations.
  • Refine your search engine optimization operations: Call tracking can be used to refine your search engine optimization strategies. For example, call tracking has a feature that lets you know what keywords are used by the client to find your business. Knowing which keywords attract your clients is a huge deal – you can use these keywords in your marketing campaigns and website to direct more clients to your business.
  • Know what happens when you compare your advertising channels: Call tracking can also help you compare your advertising channels to identify which ones are effective and which ones are not. The usage of unique phone numbers essentially allows you to make quick and easy comparisons of the different marketing channels you employ and find out which ones create more conversions than others. This can help in terms of decisions to improve, discontinue, or create new approaches to your advertising strategies.
  • Identify how to better manage your staff: Call tracking can help you identify which aspects of your company operations work in your favor, not just in terms of data. Being able to record and track calls allows you to assess which staffers are doing great work, especially in terms of assisting clients and closing deals. You can use this information to train other staffers who are not doing very well. In addition, call tracking also allows you to determine which parts of your operations have to be improved – based on data from the call tracking software and not just guesses. Hence, you can be assured that the resources you will use to implement changes will not be wasted and the steps you will be taking will be effective.
  • Assess if your marketing is working or not: One of the best advantages call tracking can offer is you can identify which of your marketing campaigns are working in your favor or which are not and the reasons for such. For instance, calls on a particular week are down because of a holiday or a particular event. When you have this information, you can easily adjust your marketing strategies to focus on those that will generate leads.

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The Bottom Line: Drive Your ROI with Call Tracking

When you want to push for better returns for your marketing campaigns, it helps if you find information from your operations and use it to your advantage. Call tracking can help you achieve all of these easily. With call tracking, you are putting your business at an advantage over your competition.

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