Can you rename AirPods?

Apple AirPods

In this guide check out the answer to Can you rename AirPods? Just follow this process to change the name of AirPods easily.

Apple AirPods have quickly become the favorite wireless headphones solution. It’s compatible with various iPhone models, including the newest Apple iPhone model too.

Somebody asked me – Can you rename AirPods? And I replied to him with this answer.

So I thought why not take it to public and here is the article on the same.

Can you rename AirPods?

Yes, you can rename your AirPods to the name you want. You can have the AirPods name renamed as many times as you want.

Follow this guide on how to rename AirPods and works great with any of the AirPods models that you have.

It’s simple and easy to do.

So that’s all we have in the discussion related to renaming Airpods.

We will be coming out with more such guides on Apple AirPods.

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