How to Change WhatsApp Plus Themes

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WhatsApp Plus Themes: The WhatsApp Plus as that we all know is the advanced version of WhatsApp but here I will add a new definition that WhatsApp+ is the completely WhatsApp alternative and it’s a must have app because features in WhatsApp+ are much bigger, better than the original WhatsApp.

Change WhatsApp Plus Themes

One of the main reasons why should upgrade to WhatsApp+ is because of the theme options that it includes. It’s like you have an Android phone missing customization of wallpapers and themes of your choice, you will not opt for it. I have been using WhatsApp+ for a couple of months now and really enjoying it. With WhatsApp+, I don’t have WhatsApp Plus photos and videos file size limitations and I can chat with the same WhatsApp contacts.

Follow the process mentioned below to change WhatsApp Plus themes on your phone –

  • Open WhatsApp Plus.
  • Then Tap on PLUS which will open the exclusive WhatsApp Plus options menu.
  • Under the Themes, you will find the option of Download, tap on it. This is because we have to download a few themes and it’s quite easy.
  • It will then load all the themes available currently.
  • Scroll to and select which you like by hitting Apply just beside it.
  • It will then ask to confirm. Tap on Yes.
  • Finally tap on Yes, as it will ask for restarting the WhatsApp with new Settings.

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So, with that, you have changed your WhatsApp Plus theme. Do check out for more WhatsApp+ tips and tricks. We have gone through video tutorial as well –

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