Check Apple iPhone, iPad, Mac Warranty Online

So, you are planning to purchase a new Mac device and you are excited about this deal but remember, in excitement of owning a new smart device, people often forget to register their devices for warranty. You should not miss the opportunity of registering the device for warranty after setting up your device for further use. Warranty is nothing but a promise from the company that you will be able to enjoy servicing of the product or get it repaired without any charge till a certain time period. Few companies even replace the device when it suffers one or another issue. When you talk about Mac devices, Apple offers hardware warranty for a year. Check this post more to register the new Mac or Apple iPhone or iPad for hardware warranty.

There are more than one ways for registering a new apple product online such as through official website of the company, via iTunes and so on. Here is the simplest way for registration of a Mac product for warranty –

Apple Products Registration Online

Registering a new Apple product in internet for warranty is possible with the help of official website of Apple[Register Here]. You need nothing but to visit to the website and browse for the warranty services. You will get a page asking for the serial number of the product and filling relevant information. So you need to enter the serial number, details of purchase of the product and buyer’s info etc. This is how your device will be registered for the warranty.

What to be noted?

After the completion of registration process, you will be provided with the current warranty period and expiry date of warranty. If you are willing for extension of technical support and hardware repair for longer period, you can check out the AppleCare Protection Plan.