Worried about your Child’s Digital Safety? Follow These 4 tips

Child Digital safety

Did you know that victims of cyberbullying are twice as likely to commit self-harm and suicide? Yes, a recent study concluded that “children and young people under 25 who are victims of cyberbullying are more than twice as likely to self-harm and enact suicidal behavior.” The study also highlighted how perpetrators of cyberbullying also have an increased risk of suicidal behaviors. This is just the tip of the iceberg because children are exposed to other online dangers as well. These can include loss of privacy, frauds, and access to inappropriate content such as violence or pornography. However, parents cannot prevent their children from using digital devices because they are now an integral component of modern life.

Child Digital Safety Tips

In this article, we will give you the top four tips to enhance your child’s digital life. We will also explore how parents can use cell phone spy software to further improve their child’s safety. So what can you do?

Let’s find out!

1) Learn before you engage

Parents can often be completely unaware of why and how their child uses digital technologies. For example, social media and instant messaging apps are used for socializing purposes and have deep importance for social development. You also need to learn about some of the most pressing digital threats. Plenty of guides have been designed specifically for parents to ensure they can keep their children safe online.

While you can focus on the digital side of things, it is important to keep track of other factors as well. For example, you should be capable of recognizing mental health warning signs and how to appropriately handle them. The digital world is a part of the real world and should ideally be treated as such.

2) Engage your child as an equal

Engagement can include how you interact with your children to how you train them to be more self-aware. Additionally, you can also learn more through this process if you give equal value to your child’s opinions. Teach your child about the basics of cybersecurity, privacy, inappropriate content, or predatory behavior.

Nurture the emotional health so they can seek out help if they are experiencing cyberbullying and carefully observe any changes in their behaviors. Moreover, your children must develop the self-confidence to handle many of the aforementioned threats. This is a critical part of their personal development and will help them in all areas of life.

3) Practice makes Perfect

Practicing digital safety has several important effects. You act as a responsible role model for your children and they will emulate this behavior. Use antivirus apps, update all software regularly, avoid using public Wi-Fi, and limit sharing personal information on social media, and practice online etiquette. Similarly, create opportunities for shared digital activities with your children to enhance learning for both parties. Be honest and open in communication so your children feel safe in talking to you if they experience difficulty. More importantly, ensure that the aforementioned factors are a part of your daily routine.

4) Monitor, but do not control

This is an important point that is difficult precisely because of how challenging it is to balance freedom and security. Ideally, your child should be free to explore the digital world and have a right to privacy. On the other hand, there are many dangers that children are unaware of and particularly vulnerable to. To strike a balance between the two, it is important to monitor your child’s digital activities, but avoid trying to control it. You can do so via physical observation and using cell phone spy software designed for this purpose. You can opt to use XNSPY cell phone spy app. Parents around the world use apps like XNSPY to monitor their children. Let’s take a quick look at what you can do with the app.

You can monitor all calls made to and from the device, along with all exchanged SMS. Similarly, the XNSPY cell phone spy app can monitors popular social media and instant messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Tinder, and others. Track your child’s location through the GPS monitoring feature and mark safe and unsafe zones on Google Maps. View all multimedia files stored on the phone such as videos and photos. You can also use the app to view their web browsing history and emails. XNSPY cell phone spy app also offers a watch list alert function. Just add a word, contact, or a location to the app’s watch list, and XNSPY will immediately notify you if there is any relevant activity. For example, you can add words related to pornography, bullying, or violence. XNSPY will immediately send out alerts if those words are mentioned in any text message or typed in a search engine. This way, you can intervene in a timely fashion.

You can also remotely control the phone, but use we suggest you use this function only if the situation calls for it. You can block inappropriate apps, lock the device, and delete all phone data. The data deletion feature can help to maintain privacy if the phone is lost. Teach your child about device overuse and inappropriate content before you resort to exercising blocking or locking functions.

XNSPY is compatible with all Android versions 4.0 and above. For iOS, the app offers support for all devices running on OS versions above 6.0. You can choose between two different subscription packages. The basic version costs USD 4.99 per month but offers a limited range of features. On the other hand, the premium version offers all the aforementioned features and costs USD 7.49 a month. This pricing means that XNSPY is among the most affordable cell phone spy apps currently available on the market.

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XNSPY cell phone spy app is a useful tool that should be used in tandem with other important factors we covered in the article. You can use these factors to create a healthy, safe, and enriching digital experience for your child.

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