Clash Royale Night Witch Draft Challenge 12 Win Strategy Deck, Tips & Tricks

Night Witch Draft Challenge

SuperCell the maker of Clash Royale game has come up with yet another challenge as Night Witch Draft Challenge begins from 26 May 2017. Every details about Night Witch Draft Challenge 12 win strategy, best decks & cards is discussed here.

Clash Royale Night Witch is another draft challenge and you can access it by going through Tournaments tab. SuperCell is providing you with one free entry.

Previously we had, Prince Card challenge and Grand Battle RAM Challenge to name few.

SuperCell release such challenges often to keep players engaged.

Gamers are excited about these official tournaments because they get gold and cards.

Night Witch Draft Challenge Details

Here is the details on the Prince card event –

  • King Level – 9
  • Common Level – 9
  • Rare Level – 7
  • Epice Level – 4
  • Legendary Level – 1
  • Overtime Length – 3 Mins

Night Witch Draft Challenge Rewards:

With this challenge you will get the following rewards depending upon your wins –

  • 2 win – Magical chest
  • 4 Wins – x8000 Gold coins
  • 6 Wins – Super Magical Chest
  • 9 Wins – x25000 gold coins
  • 12 Wins – 1 Night With card

This means that to win a Night Witch card you will have to get 10 wins. The card depends on the win or loss.

Top Prize: 11,000 gold coins with x5 epics & x55 rares cards

Guaranteed Prize : 700 gold with x10 common cards

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