Clash Royale Prince Card Challenge Tips, Winning Strategy, Guide

Clash Royale Prince Card Challenge

Prince Card Challenge : All new Prince Card Challenge special event is now available. Check out Prince Card Challenge tips, 3 win strategy.

Supercell is back with yet another challenge with the ongoing Heal Draft Challenge which is another draft challenge. This is yet another challenge through which you can win Prince card and increase it’s level to help you destroy your enemy. It has been already started from 26th April 2017.

How to Play

You can join this challenge by paying 10 Gems. Sadly, there is no free entry to it. Just like any draft challenge, you will have option to choose cards. Pick your four cards and get four cards from opposition to play the game.

Prince Card Challenge Challenge Details

Here is the details on the Prince card event –

  • King Level – 9
  • Common Level – 9
  • Rare Level – 7
  • Epice Level – 4
  • Legendary Level – 1
  • Overtime Length – 3 Mins

Prince Card Challenge Rewards:

With this challenge you will get the following rewards depending upon your wins –

  • 1 win – 1 Prince Card
  • 2 Wins – 2nd Prince card
  • 3 Wins – 3rd Prince card

This means that at 3 wins you will have a yet another prince card. The card depends on the win or loss.

Top Prize: 310 gold coins with 8x common cards

Guaranteed Prize : 120 gold with 2x common cards

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