Clover 2.0: Top Features That Will Make Your Customers and Employees Happy


Your point of sale system is one of the key tools used in interactions between your customers and your employees. It can make things fast, efficient and easy for everyone, or it can have the opposite effect. Making your customers and employees happy is good for your business, and a new POS system may help. These features of the Clover 2.0 may help ensure positive interactions with your customers and team.

Intuitive User Interface

Perhaps the most significant benefit of Clover 2 is that it has an updated software interface and improved hardware compared to its predecessor. Although the original Clover set a high standard for usability, its successor raised the bar.

That means that whenever your employees go to make a sale and accept payment, it is easy and fast for them to enter all the information and process the sale. Furthermore, since the interface is quite intuitive, it is easy even for novices to pick up and operate. That is a significant value addition for any business team. Less frustrated team members are happier team members.

Of course, that promptness also affects customers. When sales are entered quickly and accurately, it saves them time and avoids any unnecessary frustration.

Part of the redesigned interface also helps it better fit the exact needs of a specific business. Again, this makes handling sales simpler. That simplicity makes the buying experience better for customers and employees.

Accelerated Processing

Another benefit of the new point of sale system is that payments are processed faster. No matter whether your customers pay with chip cards, magnetic strip cards, NFC payment apps or any other method, it all happens quickly.

While fast processing doesn’t always stand out to customers, sluggish processing does. Save your team members and customers that frustration of waiting for the payment to be approved. Better yet, this helps keep your line moving quickly.

Clover Rewards

Customers love to be rewarded for the purchases they would be making anyway. Merchant solutions that work with reward systems are great. Solutions that give you an out-of-the-box rewards system to use are even better.

Clover 2.0 has a very easy system to offer loyalty points to customers. It makes signing up easy and even integrated with outside systems and promotional materials. A straightforward system the gives back to your customers and is easy-to-use for your employees is the sort of thing that makes everyone happy.

Gift Cards

Similarly, Clover 2.0 makes gift cards simple for you, your team and your customers. It is a great way to expand your business while also offering something that will make your customers happy. When things run smoothly and give your shoppers plenty of options to buy, it is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Find the Right POS for Your Business

Finding the right point of sale system for your business can help you grow your business. It can make your customers and employees happy if it is easy-to-use, fast and accurate. Clover 2.0 is a great choice for many businesses. Check it out to see if it may be right for you.

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