Cortana for iPhone, iOS App for Beta Testers

Cortana for iOS

After releasing out Cortana the voice assistance which comes pre-installed on all of the Windows Phones by Microsoft for Android platform is now available for iPhone users but only with beta testers in sight right now.

The Cortana for iPhone or any iOS device has reached a stage wherein Microsoft Developers are pleased to go out with public testers after the software maker tested it out internally on iPhone over the past five or six months.

Sadly the happiness are limited because Microsoft is accepting limited number of people [2000 peoples] to get hands-on the beta version of Cortana for iOS. And more importantly its limited for sign ups for the people who live in Canada and United States.

Not all the Cortana features will be available on iOS, ‘hey Cortana‘ is not yet supported.

If you are either from Canada or United States resident then before the download links are available to you, you need to fill out a survey. Head over here if you are interested.

image credits: Warenotice

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