Nowadays Domain flipping is in business. Domain flipping is different from website flipping. In this you buy special domain names and sell them at higher prices. A domain name is a component of a uniform resource locator (URL) used to access Websites. It is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet. Domain names are formed by the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System (DNS). Any name registered in the DNS is a domain name.Website

Domain names are highly desirable and they are biggest online money maker. Choosing a good domain name which apt your business by huge margins is necessary. They are used in various networking contexts and application specific naming and addressing purposes. Not unpredictably sex and betting related domains are a few of the prime money makers. was sold for $13 million by Escom to Clover holding on 17th November 2010.

These are purchased for tons of money. Here are the details of high deal Domain names –

1. deal happened in 2009 and happens to be the 2nd highest deal of all time for 3 years when private broke this record. It was sold for $16 million in 2009. This is highest paid domain name. Here you can insure is single word and most searched word. So it was sold for huge price.


Sold for 13 Million. This domain is doing very well as it is linked with one of the most searched keyword on search engines. That is why is sold for $13 million.


This domain is meant for a financial service; however this domain is still not live. was sold for 10 million dollars.

4. was sold for 10 million dollars.


It is another entry from porn industry. was sold for 9.5 million dollars.


This domain was sold in 2010 for 8.5 Million Dollars.

7. was sold in 1999 for 7.5 Million Dollars. It is one of the demanding domain names.

8. was sold for $7.5 Million. It is now live as a diamond shopping site. Owners paid a huge amount for this site.

9. sold for 7 Million Dollars.


It was sold for 6 Million Dollars.