Download Cover Screen APK for Android – Latest Version

Cover Lockscreen

One always loves to have the latest version of anything that one has. Whether it’s a cover screen or the latest app, one wants the latest version, hence when download Cover screen APK for android was out, one obviously wanted to download it. And since new versions are usually not available in the normal Play Stores, one always needs to find out new ways in which they can download things that they require.

There are certain features that are noticed when one wants to download this app, they are –

  • One does not know when one would want an app or rather when one would want to download an app that one might need at some point or the other. So how can one get the right kind of application at the right time? Well the cover does the needful. They know when you will need what and puts at your service.
  • One always wants to know what is new and how it can be more useful. When one sees something new one need to be informed about it and hence can download it. The new launches and the new apps can be downloaded at your fingertip.
  • Switching apps is one thing we need to do without going through each and every step. One can jump the steps we find irrelevant, covers tray app does it.
  • Ringer volumes can be set at different levels, wallpapers and sounds can be adjusted according to home or work.
  • Lock screen cannot prevent music player from working, one can control it the way one wants it and this is something extremely new and different. One can also check out the new compatibility that is available.

Cover Beta Version 0.1.1(15/12/2013)
Cover Beta Version 0.1.2(19/12/2013)
Cover Beta Version 0.1.5(21/12/2013)
Cover Beta Version 0.1.6(11/01/2014)
Cover Beta Version 0.1.7 (27/01/2014)
Cover Beta Version 0.1.8 (30/01/2014)
Cover Beta Version (01/02/2014)
Cover Beta Version 0.1.9 (06/02/2014)
Cover Beta Version (20/02/2014)
Cover Beta Version (25/02/2014)

Here is the demo of Cover Lockscreen –

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