How to Create Your Mashup Remixed Song Easily

You certainly love the mashup remixed songs, don’t you? But does it require a lot much talent to create a mashup song of your own? With internet everything is possible but you need to get your search right.

Mashup Mixedinkey site allows you to create your own mashup song easily within 5 minutes. This tool was nominated as the “Best DJ Tool of the Year” by DJ Magazine.

Using Mixed In Key site you can create your own mashup remix song within this 5 easy steps –

  • Add as many music files as you want
  • Start editing
  • Adjust Beat matching
  • Edit Volume an EQs
  • Get Inspired

However this software isn’t available for free download. Both Mac OS X and Windows Version are available for download via link by email at nominal cost of $39. This however isn’t a paid product promotion as we picked this site in random searches and I though why wouldn’t I share with it with you.

How to Create Mashup Remix Song

The below guide provide you detailed tutorial step by step –

  • Open your Mashup software:
  • Drag music from iTunes or your hard drive into the browser:
  • Mashup will detect which tracks are compatible with each other:
  • Choose the first track.  We will use “Nadia Ali – Pressure.”  Drag it into the Audio Timeline:
  • Mashup will refresh its browser and show what’s compatible with your choice:
  • A value of 100 means the mashup will be harmonic.  A value of 0 means it will be dissonant.
  • Let’s add “David Guetta – Titanium” as our second track:
  • You can add as many tracks as you want, and even create a mixtape from 20 different ones.
  • Mashup is designed to beatmatch your tracks automatically.  Check out the results:

In the software, you can press the Spacebar to play and stop the audio. You have total creative freedom.  Now let’s make the mashup even better. You can download this software from the official site at Link.

This post was last modified on July 2, 2019 10:25 PM