Cross Browser Testing

Cross browser testing is carried out in order to check the compatibility of the web applications on different web browsers.

As there are many web browsers are used by the users. It becomes very important for any startup or business to test their web app on all kinds of popular and mostly used browsers.

And if as a startup, you carry out this task by yourself then it will become like a headache for you. Because now you have to manage one more task which is really complicated and time consuming.

Because in cross browser testing you are not only going to test your web app on different browsers. But you will also have to test on all versions of those browsers. In addition to the browsers and their versions, you will also need to test your web app on different mobile devices and operating systems.

If you will try to do the cross browser testing manually then it is a never ending process. Instead you should be using a cross browser testing tool.

And that tool will help you to save a lot of your time.

Importance of Cross Browser Testing for Startups

Cross browser testing is very important for startups. Because as you have just started out it becomes very important for you to present your best side to the users.

And if your web application will not deliver an authentic and authoritative look to your users then your first impression will be very bad.

It is said that “First Impression, is the last impression”.

So in order to save your first and foremost impression to the users, you should do cross browser testing of your web app.

Doing that will let you know that for which browsers your web app is compatible and for which browsers your app is not compatible.

And then you can actually optimize your web app for the other browsers.

Best Tool for Cross Browser Testing for Startups

LambdaTest is the best cross-browser testing tool. This tool is very popular when it comes to such testing.

Lambda Test

Because it allows to types of cross browser testing.

Automated Selenium Cross Browser Testing Online

In this type of testing, your cross browser test will run on automated selenium scalable, reliable, and secure cloud-based selenium grid.

Here test will be performed on more than 2000+ browsers. And all the popular browsers are included in it.

Live Interactive Cross Browser Testing

Here the cross-browser testing will be done on all the different mobile and web browsers running on real machines.

And here the testing will be done on your choice of mobile device, browser, operating system, and screen resolution.

The best part of the Lambda Cross Browser Testing tool is that it allows you to record videos of the complete testing.

It also provides you with the logs. This logs can be used to analyze and to debug the problems. For example, you can check metadata log, network logs, command logs, exception logs, visual logs, and raw selenium logs too.


If you are a startup, then you should definitely test your web application before launching. And you should not only test your web application for one browser.

Instead, you should be using a cross-browser testing tool like LambdaTest to successfully do cross-browser testing.

Because a tool like LambdaTest will allow you to test your web app for more than 2000+ web browsers. And not only will it allow you to test on different browsers.

But it will also allow you to test on different browsers as well different operating systems and different mobile devices too.

And the most important thing of them all is that you can actually see the report generated by this cross-browser testing too. Because it allows the video recording of the complete automatic testing.

Using which you can easily analyze and debug the problems.