Check out how to Download CyanogenMod Installer for Mac OS X PCs/laptops.

Of with a surprise CyanogenMod installer is now available for Mac, finally is the word that we should use. With this Apple Mac PC holders can easily install custom ROM on their Android devices without even searching for Windows PC availability of their friends, relatives.CyanogenMod Installer

Although CyanogenMod Installer for Mac is in beta stage, but it’s better than borrowing your friends Windows PC and within no matter of time, it will be out for beta to official release. Since this is in beta stage, it might include few bugs. CM Installer for Mac will make installing of custom firmware on Android phones easy with press of few clicks.

The biggest con as of now is that CyanogenMod is only available to supported devices like Nexus phone/tablets, popular Samsung Galaxy Phones like Galaxy S4, S3, Note 2, Note 3 and HTC One phone.