Build Your Cybersecurity Career by Taking ISC2 CISSP Exam Through Using Practice Tests

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Cybersecurity experts are some of the most headhunted IT professionals nowadays. As the technology trends are changing completely and systems are more exposed to attacks, companies have shifted their attention towards these IT professionals. A job in cybersecurity is preferred for a generous salary, too. However, employers pay high attention to candidates’ resumes and choose those applicants who can prove their knowledge with a certification. Becoming CISSP-certified is one of the most appreciated accreditations that cybersecurity professionals can use to get a well-paid job.

In this article, you will discover how you can take your cybersecurity career to the next level by sitting for the CISSP exam and what perks it can bring you.

What Skills Does a Future Security Manager Get Through ISC2 CISSP Exam?

To know more about ExamSnap Microsoft Certification Dumps it come from Certified Information Systems Security Professional. It is one of the most recognized certifications for cybersecurity professionals across the world. An IT professional who adds this badge to his/her CV list proves that they have the necessary technical and managerial knowledge to be responsible for the security processes in an organization. Considering the level of expertise required to pass this exam, the CISSP certification opens the gates to a range of management positions.

One of the most popular positions that CISSP-certified candidates apply for is a security manager. The exam tests their knowledge and helps them develop the following skills:

  • understand and apply security governance principles and concepts;
  • ensure appropriate asset retention;
  • apply security architecture and engineering concepts;
  • implement secure network components;
  • manage users’ identification and authentication;
  • conduct security audits;
  • conduct logging and monitoring activities;
  • ensure effective software security.

Now that you know what skills are required for the CISSP credential, you will find out more about the structure of the test and the annual payment that a security director receives.

CISSP Exam Structure and Its Peculiarities

The CISSP exam evaluates your knowledge on eight security domains, which are:

  • security and risk management;
  • asset security;
  • security architecture and engineering;
  • communication and network security;
  • identity and access management;
  • security assessment and testing;
  • security operations;
  • software development security.

The candidates who aim to take the CISSP are required to prove that they have a minimum of 5 years of cumulative paid work experience in at least two of the eight domains mentioned above. In case you have earned a 4-year college degree or have an additional ISC2 credential, then this experience will be equivalent to 1 year of practical experience.

To add more, the exam can be taken in various languages. Apart from English, the CISSP assessment organized in other languages is administered as a fixed-form exam. The English version of the test uses Computerized Adaptive Testing and lasts 3 hours whereas applicants will have to answer 100-150 multiple-choice and advanced innovative questions. The minimum passing score for candidates is 700 out of 1000 maximum possible points

If you want to sit for this assessment in a different language, you should be prepared to answer 250 questions in 6 hours. This exam is known as CISSP Linear test. The questions are either multiple-choice or advanced innovative items, as for the English version of the exam. The minimum score to receive the certification in a different language is 700 points, correspondingly.

How Much Does a Security Manager Earn?

According to the website, the average annual salary for a security manager is around $72k. The Boeing Company pays at this moment the most generous salary to a certified security manager, which equals up to $200k yearly. Undoubtedly, the CISSP certification makes a huge difference among candidates, helping those who have earned the credential to position themselves above average. Thus, obtaining this accreditation will help any candidate go directly on the shortlist and negotiate a higher salary.

Vendor’s Training Resource to Get CISSP Certification

The first step you need to take to prepare for the CISSP is to carefully check the ISC2 website. They have some official self-study tools that help students ace their scores in the exam. One of the most popular training resources on the website is official textbooks, which offer candidates all the information they need to pass the test and understand the concepts in all domains. There are also the official study guides that help candidates strengthen their knowledge in the tested domains and get more hands-on experience. For those students who have enough time to participate in live training, the vendor also offers classroom-based training sessions, where applicants can learn from some of the best instructors about the exam’s insights. If you are pressed for time take the online self-paced training to get a solid knowledge and hone your skills. For further information about the exam prep materials and a variety of options to choose from check the vendor’s official website.

Verified Training Resources Offered by ExamSnap

While the vendor’s website is extremely helpful for candidates, it is not the only one to explore. The website puts at your disposal the Premium Bundle for just $39.97. When you have paid the price, you are allowed to download a set of expert-verified questions and answers, a study guide and video lectures. But it’s not the only benefit you can gain from the ExamSnap website. Luckily, this online platform can give you access to updated free exam dumps, coming from successful graduates who have already tested their knowledge in the CISSP exam. All the items you acquire will be downloaded in the vce format. So, to be on the safe side, download the Avanset VCE Exam Simulator, too, without which it seems to be impossible to open the products you’ve bought or downloaded.


The CISSP certification can advance your cybersecurity career. As we all know, it is one of the most reputable accreditations in the world, helping IT specialists access a management position easily. It’s really important to get prepared for the exam, because it will make the difference in a candidate’s potential to succeed. Apart from the resources provided by ISC, there’s one more valuable resource, the website, which is sure to provide you with a bunch of helpful materials, including reliable free practice tests.

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