How DevRev CRM helps you become a Customer-Centric Organization?

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Customer management is an essential task for any successful firm. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has become a valuable asset for businesses, and the global market for this technology is growing, assisting in developing a rewarding customer-centric strategy. 

CRMs make it easier to manage customer, employee, and lead interactions. This software automates sales processes, smoothly connects with other technology, and aids in the organization of operations in different silos.

A customer-centric company approach focuses on providing a positive customer experience both before and after the transaction to encourage repeat business, build customer loyalty, and boost business growth.

On the other hand, a customer-centric firm requires more than just excellent customer service.

What exactly is customer centricity?

Customer-centricity is a company approach that places the customer first and at the center of your operations to create a great experience and build long-term partnerships.

When you put your client at the center of your business and combine it with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) like DevRev, you acquire a plethora of data that provides you with a complete 360-degree perspective of the customer. This information can then be utilized to improve your customers’ experience.

DevRev is a business software company that connects developers (Dev) and customers (Rev) in the product-led growth age. The startup is developing an API-first, developer-centric CRM using data, design, and machine intelligence to help developers build, support, and grow their businesses.

Why Is Customer Centricity Important?

Entrepreneurs are motivated to start businesses for various reasons, including money, passion, glory, fame, and independence. But, regardless of the reason for establishing a business, there is one tenant that all businesses share:

You will not exist unless you recruit and maintain clients.

And from this simple statement, you can deduce the significance of an entity being customer-centric. A company that forgets about its clients is doomed to fail. They will build the wrong products, invest in the wrong resources, and lose client trust.

A customer-centric brand demonstrates the inverse. Every team member listens to customers and is focused on the same goal. As a result, the company creates products that satisfy customer demands, anticipates customer desires, and provides a level of service that attracts customers to come back and advocate for the brand.

Let’s look at how DevRev CRM can help you develop a customer-centric approach that connects your company to the specific demands of your customers.

DevCRM system can help you nurture your leads more successfully.

To deliver a customer-centric experience that translates into a sale, DevRev CRM can assign multiple statuses to your leads based on where they are in the buyer’s journey, allowing you to manage each engagement better based on their individual needs.

The DevCRM also provides a complete history of those interactions to identify areas where the experience of a customer may be optimized and improved throughout their journey. The DevRev CRM includes the following capabilities to help with this process:

  • Viewings: Use this function to schedule and track all property viewings and generate data on the number of views per property to track the performance of your sales team and individual salespeople.
  • Offers: Use this application to record and track property offers and counteroffers. Determine which homes have gotten no offers and discuss with the client whether the price can be reduced.
  • Tasks: Manage your everyday activities more easily with this module. Create tasks that can be linked to any record, such as leads, projects, or property listings. You may sort tasks by priority using your dashboards and see all future, pending, and finished activities.
  • Comments: With this feature, you may contribute information about any record as a comment and monitor the history of any actions or read remarks about any customer in real-time.

Making the best dashboard utilization for more effective reporting

It is critical to be able to access company insights while creating reports easily. DevRev CRM allows you to design dashboards that record and present data, such as vital sales and marketing indicators, in the manner you like. This could be a pie chart, bar chart, line graph, or another type of graph.

The DevCRM will also enable your salespeople to develop and administer their own dashboards, allowing them to track their responsibilities and activities and improve efficiencies accurately.

The transition to becoming a truly customer-centric organization is both complex and lengthy, but do not be discouraged because even minor adjustments to policy and practices can have a substantial benefit for both employees and customers.

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Being a customer-centric firm is the Holy Grail to realizing the genuine worth of customers. Always put oneself in the shoes of the customer to reduce customer effort while increasing customer value.

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