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Affiliate marketing has become a popular business strategy for many companies to generate leads and convert them into customers. But if you are a beginner and interested to enter into the world of Affiliate marketing, affiliate networks is the best way. An affiliate network acts as an intermediate medium between publishers, who sell products (called as affiliate marketers) and the merchants who create these products and offers affiliate programs.

Affiliate marketers are generally allowed to join freely in affiliate network but merchants have some fee to participate in the network. They usually charge initial setup free for merchants and membership fee. Some affiliate networks also charge the percentage of commissions paid to affiliates as a fee. For affiliates, there are mainly two payout models namely, CPS and CPA. Cost-Per-Sale (CPS) is a low risk and high-profit model used by marketers to attract new customers. In this model, affiliates are paid a commission based on a lead that results in a purchase of the product. This is a most preferred model by marketers as its affiliates are to be paid only after purchase is done.

Affiliate Marketing Network Sites

In Cost-Per-Action (CPA) model, an affiliate is paid when a specific action is taken by lead generated by the affiliate. You can even check out Journal Review blog to know some experimented case studies of affiliate blogs which will really help you save some hell lot of time to grow your blog.

Now as we can clearly see the importance of affiliate network both merchants and affiliate, here are top affiliate networks that will help you if you want to enter into affiliate marketing or get affiliates for your products:


vCommission can be rated as one of the best affiliate networks. Established in 2008, it is one of the top affiliate networks, with a lot of CPA, CPS and CPI offers. It has over 17000 affiliates and leading companies registered as merchants in this network. Some of them include Airtel, Flipkart, Amazon, Domino’s, Asian Paints etc.,.


ShareASale has been in affiliate marketing business for over 18 years exclusively as an affiliate network. They are known for their speed, efficiency and accuracy technology services like real-time tracking, stores connect etc., and they have a high reputation for being honest and fair in their business.

They provide high paying CPS and CPA offers. For Indian partners and affiliates, they pay directly to their bank account.

Amazon Associates:

Amazon, an E-commerce giant has its own affiliate network known as Amazon Associates. This network allows its affiliates to get access to millions of Amazon products which can be advertised to generate leads and get income. They actually pay a decent percentage of commission and on our site, we are using it currently to generate sales.


Komli is another famous Indian affiliate marketing network. Started in 2006, there are hundreds of CPA, CPS and CPI offer to grab. They have worked with over 400 advertisers across 4000 campaigns and helped thousands of people in reaching their goals.

Affiliate Partners Ltd:

Affiliate Partners Ltd. Is one of the first affiliate networks and known for its highest payouts (CPA) for a niche like gaming, casino, trading etc., working with them is very easy as they are very professional and are always available over Skype or by email. This is network promises you with extra fast payouts and 24/7 support.

CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction):

CJ Affiliate is a well known global affiliate marketing network that is known for its pay-for-performance programs. Their methods prove that the best way to reach millions of online customers is through a productive partnership between advertisers and affiliates. It is best for monetizing website traffic, for driving more sales, or finding more customers.


Vertoz makes affiliate marketing attractive and more feasible which comes up with varies offers to promote. Their diverse affiliate program allows earning more with every action taken by your audience. It provides various pricing models, such as cost per click (CPC), cost per lead (CPL), cost per mile (CPM), cost per sales (CPS), cost per install (CPI), and cost per video view, cost per visit, and much more. It comes with free registration and known for its on-time payment.


Payoom can be rated as one of the rapidly growing affiliate networks. It offers, plenty of CPS, CPL, CPC, CPM, CPI, CPD offers for many reputed brands and companies. They provide great digital marketing campaigns to top brands and companies in India. They are known for connecting advertisers and target audience in various areas like lifestyle, travel, travel generation, and mobile solution.

They are known for their excellent overall support and responsiveness towards problems of users. They offer great support and on-time payouts.

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