Who don't know AdBlock Plus, the famous ad blocking plugin for Google Chrome and Firefox. Are you still enjoying it? Today Eyeo GmbH, the makers behind the famous plugin surprised us with the launch of AdBlock Browser for iPhone, Android and other compatible devices.AdBlock Browser for iPhone

Official AdBlock Browser

First thing you will notice after installing AdBlock browser for iOS or for Android device is that your are browsing with adblocking script incorporated. This allows you to stay away from ads, the root cause for malware and intruders on untrusted websites. There is option of disabling the ad blocking on your favorite websites, can be done by Whitelisting them.AdBlock Browser

Initially after installing it on iPhone, Adblock Browser resembles just like the Safari browser but it has limited number of Settings.AdBlock Browser

AdBlock Browser Features

The following are the main features of AdBlock Browser for Android, iOS -

  • Intuitive tab functionality
  • Smoother scrolling
  • Easier bookmarking and keyboard features
  • You can control malware and tracking
  • Easily Whitelist your favorite websites from ad blocking
  • Reduce the risk of malware infection
  • Enhance privacy

Download AdBlock Browser for Android
Download AdBlock Browser for iPhone, iOS Devices