The Android next version which we were hoping for September or November release is now official as Google has announced it just three weeks ahead of competitor’s iOS 9 launch. The new Android 6.0 will be named as Marshmallow and definitely is a sweet candy treatment over materialistic Android Lollipop version.Android M Boot Animation

With the launch of new Android version there comes set of new stock wallpapers, new ringtone and a new Android Now Launcher v1.2. Also included is the new Android 6.0 boot animation that was side-loaded by experts at XDA Forums.Android Marshmallow

You will need to have any AOSP ROM like CyanogenMod, Paranoid Android, Slim Bean, BP or any ROM supporting CM Theme Engine.

And just like any other custom ROM installations, the thread OP is not responsible for any ROM related issues. So, do it at your own risk.

How to Install

You can get this Android Marshmallow boot animation on any Android phone by following method –

  • Download it from the link below.
  • Renamed the old boot animation on your existing device, this need root permissions.
  • Now copy the newly downloaded file and paste the new boot animation.
  • You need to set permissions as well. In the owner category set it to Read and Write and other categories just remains as read only.
  • When you are done press OK.
  • Enjoy

Download Android Marshmallow Boot Animation

Via: XDA Developers