Guide on how to download connectA2 app which helps to get WhatsApp, WeChat and other IM apps on Firefox phones.

It is the perfect time to enjoy if you have bought a phone which runs on Firefox OS because you will be capable of downloading the instant-messaging app on your device soon. ConnectA2 is a compatible and well-configured mobile instant messaging application that will allow the valued users to send and receive messages from the contact list for free.  Connect A2 App

ConnectA2 Download

Yes, this is a wonderful app which will run on Firefox OS phones and will always show availability in the background. It is compatible with the WhatsApp although it has no contract or permission from the instant-messaging leader.Connect A2 App

ConnectA2 Features

  • You should feel free to upload or download pictures.
  • Users can send instant messages to contact list by using a network of either ConnectA2 or WhatsApp.
  • Whenever you will receive your new messages in ConnectA2 app, you will get quick notifications on the panel.
  • You will not have to pay a single penny for using this instant messaging application.
  • ConnectA2 app will also allow the Firefox OS phone users to send audios, videos, photos and emoticons to your contacts if they are using WhatsApp or ConnectA2.

Since ConnectA2 is compatible with WhatsApp, it can use the network of ConnectA2 or WhatsApp. In addition to this, you will be pleased to know that ConnectA2 app is the first application for mobile instant messaging which will run in the background to offer you messaging services.Connect A2 App

Note: - You should always remember here that ConnectA2 has no permission or agreement with WhatsApp, which may be considered a downside for many users. This application can be solely considered as an independent app which has no association with WhatsApp Corporation or with WeChat or any other instant messaging app.

WhatsmApp APK download

You will be soon free to download the Alpha version of ConnectA2 app for Firefox phones as the developers are still working on it.

Download ConnectA2 App

Update: Looks like the App has been removed from Firefox MarketPlace.