Need to manage files on your Firefox OS phone? Here comes the best File Manager for Firefox OS Phone to manage files.

For any smartphone, File Manager is very much essential. Using File Manager on low internal storage phone allows you easily clean unwanted files, folders and apps so that you can provide room for new apps or files. Firefox Phones are all budget smartphone which has less internal storage capacity. In such scenario, File Manager app is definitely essential.File Manager for Firefox OS

Here comes app named as “File Manager” which allows you to manage files on Firefox OS Phones. This app support Firefox OS 1.1 and simulators for Firefox OS 1.3, 1.4 and 2.0 and works on most Firefox running phones.

File Manager firefox OS


  • You can easily copy, rename, move or delete files on the go.
  • Delete, create and rename folders easily.
  • Open PDF Files easily.
  • Open Music, Video, text and image files.
  • Use to manage text files, music, video and most image files.
  • Allows you to set as wallpaper directly.
  • Manage any folder by directly long press on it.
  • Create and edit text files directly.
  • Share files via Bluetooth, email and lot many options.

Firefox OS File Manager in Your Own Language

Now you can get Firefox File Manager in Portuguese, French, Spanish or Hindi, just fork the app repository or download this file, translate it, and send me an email.

Download File Manager for Firefox Phones