Download Flyme Firmware for MX5, MX4, MX4 Pro

Flyme OS

We know that the Flyme 5.6 is the latest version of Flyme OS released by Meizu based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Moving on to the future development, currently the testing for Flyme underway and if you wanna give a try of the Flyme then we have test firmware available officially available from the Meizu Forum site.

The Flyme includes few minor improvements from official and stable Flyme 5.6 release. This however happens to be a test firmware rollout, so for those who wanna have a stable performance on your device, then please skip this one, until any new firmware update rollout begins for your device.

Flyme OS test firmware for Meizu MX5

Flyme OS test firmware for Meizu MX4

Flyme OS test firmware for Meizu M1 note

Flyme OS test firmware for Meizu MX4 Pro

Flyme OS test firmware (Pro 5)

We are thinking what will be the Meizu FlymeOS version for the upcoming Android 7.0 N release. Will it be Flyme 6.0? Fingers-crossed.

Source: Meizu Forums

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