Google at I/O 2015 keynote officially announced Google Photos with unlimited storage option. From months Google was looking to come up with easy photo management for people. Not only photos, you can even upload videos on Google Photos app which is available for both iOS and Android devices.Google Photos Apk

Google Photos is now available as a standalone app as the attempt to make Google Plus as social network platform all activities failed. Apart from iOS and Android, you can directly access web interface through URL in your browser.

Google Photos Features

  • One home for all your photos — organized and easy to find.
  • Back up and view a lifetime of photos across all your devices. Edits made once appear on all your devices.
  • See all your photos organized by people, places, and things. Search by what you remember about a photo, no description needed.
  • Crop, add filters, and adjust your photos in your browser. Share lots of photos at once, even with people who don’t have the app.

Download Google Photos APK – Play Store Link

Download Google Photos IPA – App Store Link