For Apple devices we have Siri, for Windows we have Cortana and on Android we have Google Now. Apart from those pre-installed voice assistance on respective phones, we have other Voice Assistant apps as well. SoundCloud has years of experience in audio processing and now they are almost ready with Hound, their voice recognition app.

Hound beta apk

Currently Hound is available on Play Store as Beta app and it requires invite code. So if you know some one using Hound APK beta, request them an invite and even that is not enough as its only restricted to residents in United States only. Don't worry if you want to get it outside USA, then follow instructions mentioned by PhoneArena guys.Hound beta apk

Hound Features

  • Make phone calls with voice search
  • Search through the web using voice search
  • Weather Search
  • Navigation
  • Local Search
  • Hotel Search + Expedia booking
  • Video/News/Photo search
  • Flight Status, Stock lookup, Mortgage calculator
  • Word and phrase translation

Just say "Ok Hound" and you are ready to rock.

Download Hound Beta APK for Android

Play Store Link

Here is the Hound internal demo -