I am a crazy fan of Android Launcher apps and my favorite LG G3 is now available in all parts of the world. LG G3 Launcher is the best thing about G3 phone, which is also known as G3 Home Launcher. If you own any other Android phone and you want to get the looks of G3 Home launcher, I would recommend to give a try to several available LG G3 launcher apks or apps.LG G3 logo

Check the best of free and paid launcher apps which are close to LG G3 phone –

LG G3 Home Launcher

LG Home launcher developed by RocketSauceWare is a free Android app to get LG G3 looks on your existing Android phone.LG G3 Home Launcher

LG G3 Home Launcher features –

  • G3 icons
  • G3 home and lockscreen wallpapers
  • G3 style widgets
  • Other G3 UI parts

Download LG G3 Home Launcher

Ultimate G3 Launcher

The Ultimate G3 Launcher is the best ever launcher for July 2014 and it comes with futuristic Android design with custom icon packs, dock bars, folder enhancements and full launcher elements, widgets.LG G3 Ultimate Launcher

Ultimate G3 launcher features are –

  • 2600 custom designed stock style icons
  • High resolution and ultra crisp icons
  • Cloud based wallpaper system
  • Muzei Live wallpaper
  • Additional dock bars
  • Tons of other features

This however is a paid app priced at $1.99 and available via Google Play Store.

Download Ultimate G3 Launcher

So those were some good G3 launchers apps.