Download MIUI 8 Launcher APK for Android Phones

With the new user customization skin there comes a new launcher and the Xiaomi MIUI 8 is no exception. The Xiaomi MIUI 8 launcher is definitely one of the best Android launcher and many people wants to give it a try directly on their mobile. If you are on Android you can definitely do it be because Android is all about customization.MIUI 8 update

MIUI 8 Launcher APK

Now then the Xiaomi MIUI 8 version is official to all, the official MIUI 8 launcher is available for download and we have got it for you in the form of APK, so go ahead and grab the MIUI 8 Launcher APK.


Alongside with that there are several other things included in this version update that we have got for you as well. So of them are –

Download Mi Odyssey Theme

MIUI 8 Launcher Themes

Using any of your favorite launcher like Nova Launcher or Action Launcher you can get this wonderful MIUI 8 launcher theme on any Android phone. Just download the app from the source below.

Download MIUI 8 Launcher Theme App

Download MIUI 8 Launcher APK

The Xiaomi’s MIUI 8 launcher is now available.