Download Nokia X Launcher APK & Install on Any Android Phone

Guide on how to download Nokia X Launcher APK & Install on Any Android Phone.

Have you happened to check the new Nokia Android named Nokia X? Loved it? It has altogether a different Android customization and if you really liked it then here is the guide on how to get the Nokia X Launcher on your Android phone by installing the Nokia XLauncher Apk.

Using Root/CWM

The first generation of Nokia Android phones brings Windows Phone user interface into Android and Nokia emits Play Store to go with Nokia Store. To get Nokia X Launcher working on your Android phone, your device should be rooted first and have ClockWorkMod recovery installed. If you don’t know how to do it, then Google it by yourself and follow those easy processes.

Once that is done, download Nokia X launcher, copy it to an external SD card on your device.

Boot your device in recovery mode and select Install Zip from SD card, browse the Nokia X launcher file.

Well that was a long press that we have given first but later we found an easy alternative to it.

Low RAM Launcher

Nokia X Launcher APK

APK for Android serves the purpose of a normal Android app. The Mrtoxicgamer10 an XDA-Forum Member has come up with Nokia X Launcher APK which makes the installation easy. It requires no root, no CWM recovery on your device. Just download the APK, move it to your device storage and click on Install.

Download Nokia X launcher apk

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