OneNote the ultimate all in one note taking application, also to be called as Google Spreadsheet alternative is now available for free download on Mac PCs. The OneNote app is available across various platforms like Windows Phone, Windows tablet, Windows Pc, Android phones, iPhone, iPad. There was long standing request for Office OneNote from the eager Mac users.One Note for Mac

While it’s right now available for the first time Mac users, the premium features are available only for paid customers. According to Office Press release, it quoted “OneNote is the ultimate extension for your brain, but it’s not complete if it’s not instantly available everywhere.”

The OneNote for Mac now features –

  1. OneNote for Mac is available for the first time and for free. With this, OneNote is now available on all the platforms you care about: PC, Mac, Windows tablets, Windows Phone, iPad, iPhone, Android and the Web. And they’re always in sync.
  2. OneNote is now free everywhere including the Windows PC desktop and Mac version because we want everyone to be able to use it. Premium features are available to paid customers.
  3. The OneNote service now provides a cloud API enabling any application to connect to it. This makes it easier than ever to capture ideas, information and inspirations from more applications and more places straight into OneNote, including:
  • OneNote Clipper for saving web pages to OneNote
  • [email protected] for emailing notes to OneNote.
  • Office Lens for capturing documents and whiteboards with your Windows Phone
  • Sending blog and news articles to OneNote from FeedlyNews360 and Weave
  • Easy document scanning to OneNote with BrotherDoxie GoEpson, and Neat
  • Writing notes with pen and paper and sending them to OneNote with Livescribe
  • Mobile document scanning to OneNote with Genius Scan and JotNot
  • Having your physical notebooks scanned into OneNote with Mod Notebooks
  • Connecting your world to OneNote with IFTTT

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