Download all Samsung Galaxy S6 Apps like the S Translator, Optical Reader ,GeoNews, GearManager, Gear Fit, Smart Remote, Smart Switch & S6 Kids Mode.

Hey guys, are a guy who want to explore about newest apps on the latest smartphone? If yes, you should definitely checkout or downlod Samsung Galaxy S6 apps like the Galaxy S6 Translator, SystemUI, Gear Manager, Gear Fit, Kids Mode or even others.Galaxy S6 stock Apps

Download Galaxy S6 Apps

All of the mentioned below Galaxy S6 stock Android apps works great on Samsung Android 5.0 Lollipop phone. So it should work on Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Note 4, Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S4. In future this installation will support installation on other Samsung Lollipop phones.

The following are the Galaxy S6 Stock Apps -

  • Galaxy S6 S Translator
  • Galaxy S6 S Note
  • Galaxy S6 System UI
  • Galaxy S6 Lockscreen and Home Wallpapers
  • Galaxy S6 Optical Reader
  • Galaxy S6 GeoNews
  • Galaxy S6 Gear Manager
  • Galaxy S6 GearFit
  • Galaxy S6 Smart Switch
  • Galaxy S6 Kids Mode

To install this app on your phone you should have app installation from Unknown Sources selected under Settings.

Via: XDA