Download Sharp PC Suite, Sharp USB Drivers for Windows PC

Sharp is a Japanese Manufacturer who produces electronic devices like Television, Mobile Phones and many more. Sharp mobile comes with good Hardware at cheaper cost compared to other mobile manufacturers.

Sharp Mobile PC Suite

Sharp PC Suite:

All the Sharp phone users who do not have USB drivers and PC suit for their device, you must download them and install it on your PC as they are very important for good connection of the device with PC.

It may be little difficult to find this device drivers ans PC suit from the internet so we have provided direct links below were you can get them easily.

Advantages of having PC suit on PC:

  • You can use device a Modem.
  • You can transfer the files between both the devices easily.
  • You can store data like Messages and Contacts from the Phone into PC.
  • You can back up you Phone data to PC.

Download and Install USB drivers and PC suit:

  1. Download the Sharp Phone PC suit from here.
  2. Download the USB drivers for Sharp Phone from here.
  3. Extract the files downloaded.
  4. Install the PC suit and USB drivers from the files downloaded it will be a .exe file.
  5. Installation should be done as Administrator.

That is it USB drivers and PC suit are now installed on the PC.


Supported device:

  • Sharp Aquos Xx pc suite.
  • Sharp Aquos Xx Mini pc suite.
  • Sharp Aquos Xx 304SH pc suite.
  • Sharp Aquos Mini SHL24 pc suite.
  • Sharp Aquos Crystal pc suite.
  • Sharp Aquos Crystal 2 pc suite.
  • Sharp Aquos SH-04F pc suite.
  • Sharp Aquos Zeta SH-04F pc suite.
  • Sharp SH530U pc suite.
  • Sharp SE-02 pc suite.
  • Sharp Aquos SH80F pc suite.
  • Sharp Aquos SH8298U pc suite.
  • Sharp FX pc suite.
  • Sharp Aquos 941SH pc suite.

Other Sharp devices will also be supported which are not in list.

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